Broil-Mate 165154 lp Gas Grill Review

Will you believe me if I say that, 80% of the Home in the United States have a gas grill?

It’s shocking, but you have to accept the real facts. So now what is a grill? You might have known about the grill.

A cooking surface that is made up of metal bars which are placed parallel that can generate instant and more heat. The 1-year may occur up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Gas Grills and Charcoal grills are the most popular grills used in the market now.

Today we are going to one type of gas grill which is the Broil-Mate 165154 Gas Grill. We will see the complete specifications, key features, reviews, advantages and disadvantage of this single product Broil-Mate 165154 Gas Grill.

Few Words on the manufacturer: Broil Mate:

Before going to the products, let’s know few things about the manufacturer. They are one of the best brand manufacturers of developing gas grill. BBQ, who is the owner of this Broil Mate.

This company was incorporated in 1906 by T.A Wizel, and now the company is owned by his three grandsons.

They develop high-quality products so that it exist for more years and help in saving your time and money. To get the high efficient results in your cooking, you need a proper gas grill.

Broil-Mate is developed and in-built to provide the perfect meals every time you cook. They produce the optimum cooking performance each time you use this product. They have completely delivered successful products thinking every aspect based on the gas grill in their mind.

Broil-mate 165154 Lp Gas Grill Review

First, let me explain the review in short so that you get a clear understanding of this gas grill product.

From the name, you might have known the fuel type used on the grill is the gas. They come with the dimension of 46X58X23. Portable is the Install type; approximately 400 is the complete primary cooking area of this gas grill.

One of the extra feature added to this gas grill is that they come with the warming rack to keep the meals warm. Freestanding is the install type, and they come with two different type of burners.

The total output for this Broil-Mate Gas Grill is 40000 and 700 are the total cooking area taken for this broil mate 165154. They are available in different colors such as gray, white, etc.

There are two distinct control dials, and there is an electric push button which is taken as the ignition type. The weight of this product is 78 Lbs.

Detailed explanation about Broilmate Ip Gas Grill

Do you know when was the first gas grill tested and brought into the appearance? It was in 1960, and the name of the gas grill is Broil-Mate 165154. This type of gas grills is mainly made by the American companies.

Now they use the stainless or material with steel coated for the gas grill, if you take in 1960’s, it was the cast aluminum housings were the popular one used.

Do you know how this works?

The aluminum cook box used in the gas grills helps to retain the heat and then distributes to the things gas grill evenly to cook the meal in a perfect way.

What about the Price?

As this Broil- Mate 165154 uses a low duty MHP, the price of this product is affordable and less when compared to the other heavy duty MHP gas grills.

Does it adapt to the old or new style?

They work on the old style. They consist of a  BTU stainless steel H- Burner which is of dual type and this can provide the maximum output of 40,000.

What about the Burners?

There are two U-shaped burners in this Broil-mate 165154, Lp Gas Grill, they are mixed and comes with unique controls.

Why Broil-mate 165154 Lp Gas Grill is best for two zone setups?



Have you seen the straight Tube Burners? They will be completely different when compared to the U-shaped burners. This type is almost preferred because they wrap each other for producing efficient results. The output produced by this method is about 20,000 BTU.

What is the type of material used?

As I said earlier, they are made up of stainless steel, and this helps the meals and the tents to absorb the heat and then sizzle the drippings. The inner cooking grates are covered with a porcelain coated iron cast.

What about the primary cooking surface?

The primary cooking surfaces come with the 400 square inches, and this would be the reason for the best results.

How Broil-mate 165154 Lp Gas Grill look like?

All might have heard the proverb, don’t judge a book by its cover. This will suit perfectly for Broil-mate 165154 Lp Gas Grill.

They has the two-wheeled cart which is integrated to the tool hooks and they match up with the electric ignition based on the gas grills.

How many years warranty are they providing?

Most of the manufacturers will provide six months to 1-year warranty, Broil-mate 165154 lp Gas Grill is offering one year warranty for their products.

Are you ready to spend few more hundred bucks for the product? If yes, they are providing the option of extended warranty game. It also has the lifetime warranty for the aluminum body and five years for the burner and two years for remaining parts.

Key features of Broil-mate 165154 lp Gas Grill

There are many attracting, and unique features of this Broil-mate 165154 Lp Gas Grill; the most important key feature is the heat flux. This is a great one as they produce 100 BTU. You will be able to measure the amount of heat you needed for the meal to cook perfectly.

Advantages of Broil-mate 165154 Lp Gas Grill

Proceed below to check out the benefits of Broil-mate 165154 Lp Gas Grill

  • Quick Warm Up time
  • Its best with every basic feature
  • Longevity

Disadvantages of Broil-mate 165154 Lp Gas Grill


Check out the drawbacks of Broil-mate 165154 lp Gas Grill below.

  • Less Compartments
  • Lack in appearance
Broil-Mate 165154 lp Gas Grill

Special Feature:

It provides a cooking power of 20,000 BTU and burner about 10,000 BTU.

Key features:

+ low duty MHP,

+ BTU stainless steel H- Burner.


+ Quick Warm Up time,

+ Longevity.


+ fewer compartments.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Final Words on Broil-mate 165154 Lp Gas Grill

A gas grill is one of the important thing you should have in your home to bring the delight and yumminess in your meals. So what are you waiting for?

Hope this review on Broil-mate 165154 Lp Gas Grill helped you to get a clear view of the product.

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